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Superstar Billy Graham Inside Wrestling March 1975

Doctors want to take ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham off life support, but wife, Valerie Coleman won’t let that happen


Superstar Billy Graham by ctlftr on DeviantArt


“Superstar” Billy Graham has dealt with multiple health issues over the years, and now things are not looking good for him. On Monday morning, Graham’s wife, Valerie Coleman, went to Facebook to announce that her husband is on life support, Brian Jones reports for Popculture.


She said the doctors want to take him off life support, but she refused to let that happen.

“Please urgent prayers needed for my husband,” Coleman wrote. “The doctors wanted to remove him from life support tonight, I refused. He’s a fighter and his will is strong even if his body isn’t.


God is our hope.” Some of the health issues Graham has dealt with include heart failure and hip surgery due to an infection. A GoFundMe page remains active to help cover the cost of Graham’s medical treatment, and over $14,000 has been raised.


Graham, 79, began his professional wrestling career in 1970 and made his in-ring debut with the World Wide Wrestling Federation (currently WWE) in 1975. Graham won the world title in 1977 and held on to it for 296 days before losing to Bob Backlund in 1978.


He also spent time in NWA while returning to WWE multiple times. In 2004, Graham was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with other legendary wrestlers, including Sgt. Slaughter, Junkyard Dog, Harley Race and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine among others.


In late April, the GoFundMe page organizer updated Graham’s condition. “It has now been four months since Wayne has not been home, he has either been at the rehab center, or in the hospital,” the statement read.


“Due to ongoing issues from his lack of appetite, he has now lost 80 pounds and subsequently continues to struggle with extreme weakness. The Osteomyelitis infection in his ears, skull and sinus cavity remains his greatest challenge.


“He’s on strong IV antibiotics 3 times a day to treat this and the infectious disease doctor says he will need to be on them for at least 3 more months. As a result of this infection, he is currently completely deaf.


“We’re praying this is temporary and will resolve as the infection is treated. He has intermittently also suffered with kidney issues, and been on dialysis. This in addition to Billy having heart and lung concerns, sores from being in bed for 4 months and depression.”

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