Sghaier beats Hamza to suffer Egypt

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76kg WW - Zaineb Sghaier (TUN) df. Samar Amer Ibrahim Hamza (EGY) UWW
76kg WW - Zaineb Sghaier (TUN) df. Samar Amer Ibrahim Hamza (EGY) UWW

New Zealand and Algeria earn historic Paris Olympic spots


Tayla FORD (NZL)Tayla FORD (NZL) is the first to qualify for New Zealand for the Olympics in Women’s Wrestling. (Photo: UWW / Amirreza Aliasgari)


ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (March 23) — For a second consecutive day at the African & Oceania OG Qualifiers in Alexandria, Egypt suffered a heartbreak, Vinay Siwach reports to UWW.


On Friday, Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Mohamed ELSAYED (EGY) failed to earn a Paris Olympic spot in Greco-Roman. And today, two-time world medalist Samar HAMZA (EGY) suffered a stunning loss in Women’s Wrestling to miss out on the Paris spot.


Apart from Hamza, the tournament threw a few other surprises as six nations shared the 12 Paris spots, with Nigeria winning the most with four. Algeria, Guam, and Tunisia won two, while Egypt and New Zealand got one each. Algeria and New Zealand qualified for the Olympics for the first time in Women’s Wrestling.


Zaineb SGHAIER (TUN), an African champion at 72kg and Tokyo Olympian, once again earned her qualification at 76kg. Beating Hamza made it even more special.


Six wrestlers were divided into two groups of three each. Samar HAMZA (EGY) topped her group, while Amy YOUIN (CIV) finished second. In the other group, African champion Hannah RUEBEN (NGR) topped the group, and Sghaier was second as she lost to Rueben in the first match.


Hamza and Sghaier faced each other in the semifinal, and Sghaier was slow to start before hitting a headlock four-pointer, and Hamza could only score two points. In the second period, Sghaier inside-tripped Hamza for two more points. Hamza responded with a four, but Sghaier recovered from the throw and held Hamza on the mat for a pin. While it was not confirmed, Hamza was cautioned for fleeing, adding two more points to Sghaier’s score.


Hamza got a takedown, and on another attempt, Sghaier hit a hip toss and helped Hamza to the mat to secure the fall and earn the Paris spot.


In the other semifinal, Rueben completely blocked Youin to score a 6-0 victory. This was Nigeri’s fifth Paris Olympic quota, as Odunayo ADEKOUROYE (NGR) won one at the World Championships.


Nigeria’s Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Blessing OBORUDUDU (NGR) showed her class at 68kg again, winning the semifinal against Uilau TARKONG (PLW) via fall in just 24 seconds.


Ibtissem DOUDOU (ALG)


Tayla FORD (NZL) ensured that New Zealand will have a representative at the Olympics in Women’s Wrestling for the first time. She won the spot after pinning Samah ABDELLATIF (EGY) in the other semifinal at 68kg.


Nigeria is yet to qualify in the 50kg weight class, as African champion Miesinnei GENESIS (NGR) suffered a 7-5 loss to Nada MOHAMED (EGY) in the semifinal.


The Rio Olympian led 2-2 at the break and scored a stepout at the start of the second period to lead 3-2. But Nada got a step out to earn a 3-3 lead. However, that lead was short-lived, as Genesis answered with a takedown and led 5-3 with 50 seconds left on the clock.


Nada scored a step out with nine seconds remaining, and in a dramatic turn of events, she snapped Genesis, who pointed out that the referee had not blown a whistle to restart. But Nada was awarded the two points, which Genesis challenged but lost.


In another close semifinal, Ibtissem DOUDOU (ALG) got the better of Chahrazed AYACHI (TUN), 9-6, becoming the first Algeria wrestler to qualify the nation in Women’s Wrestling. She led 4-0 using two takedowns before Ayachi scored a reversal and exposure to cut the lead to 4-3.


Doudou had to pay the price for being defensive as Ayachi scored a step out in the second period and later a go-behind to lead 6-4. Soon after, Ayachi became defensive, and Doudou hit a single leg and elevated Ayachi, who fell as Doudou tried making it a double leg. She was awarded four points, giving her an 8-6 lead with 28 seconds left.


Ayachi tried her options but gave up a step out as Doudou celebrated earning a spot in the Olympics, but Ayachi could not control herself as soon as the match ended.


Tunisia’s second quota was 62kg as Siwar BOUSETA (TUN) dominated Mastoura SOUDANI (ALG) in the semifinal. Her 12-1 win ensured that Tunisia continued its African dominance at the weight even after Marwa AMRI’s (TUN) retirement. Amri now coaches the Tunisian team.


The other wrestler to qualify at this weight was African champion Esther KOLAWOLE (NGR), who defeated Angelina RODRIGUES MIRANDA (CPV) 10-0 in just 24 seconds.


Rckaela AQUINO (GUM)Rckaela AQUINO (GUM) after qualifying Guam for the Paris Olympics at 57kg. (Photo: UWW / Amirreza Aliasgari)


Aquino sisters win


The Aquino sisters from Guam, Mia, and Rckaela, earned Paris Olympic spots after winning the semifinals at 53kg and 57kg. Mia has wrestled at the Tokyo Olympians, but Rckaela will compete in her first Olympics.


Both posted contrasting victories in their respective semifinals. Mia pinned Lobna ICHAOUI (TUN) after scoring 11 points, and Rckaela managed a close 4-3 win over Faten HAMAMMI (TUN), who scored all her points in the first period.


Rckaela trailed 3-2 at the break and showed some frantic wrestling in the second period, which did not threaten Hamammi. However, her constant movement tired Hamammi, who gave up a takedown with 20 seconds left. Rckaela needed to defend her 4-3 lead for 10 seconds, which she did, and she won the Paris spot.


African champion Christianah OGUNSANYA (NGR), who rolled to a 10-0 win over Shaimaa MOHAMED (EGY), is qualifying with Mia at 53 kg. At 57kg, Chaimaa AOUISSI (ALG) earned the second spot after beating Natacha NABAINA (CMR) 11-8.



50kg Paris Olympic Qualification Bouts
SF 1: Ibtissem DOUDOU (ALG) df. Chahrazed AYACHI (TUN), 9-6
SF 2: Nada MOHAMED (EGY) df. Miesinnei GENESIS (NGR), 7-5

53kg Paris Olympic Qualification Bouts
SF 1: Mia AQUINO (GUM) df. Lobna ICHAOUI (TUN), via fall (11-0)
SF 2: Christianah OGUNSANYA (NGR) df. Shaimaa MOHAMED (EGY), 10-0

57kg Paris Olympic Qualification Bouts
SF 1: Chaimaa AOUISSI (ALG) df. Natacha NABAINA (CMR), 11-8
SF 2: Rckaela AQUINO (GUM) df. Faten HAMMAMI (TUN), 4-3

62kg Paris Olympic Qualification Bouts
SF 1: Siwar BOUSETA (TUN) df. Mastoura SOUDANI (ALG), 12-1
SF 2: Esther KOLAWOLE (NGR) df. Angelina RODRIGUES MIRANDA (CPV), 10-0

68kg Paris Olympic Qualification Bouts
SF1: Tayla FORD (NZL) df. Samah ABDELLATIF (EGY), via fall
SF 2: Blessing OBORUDUDU (NGR) df. Uilau TARKONG (PLW), via fall

76kg Paris Olympic Qualification Bouts
SF 1: Zaineb SGHAIER (TUN) df. Samar HAMZA (EGY), via fall (14-8)
SF 2: Hannah RUEBEN (NGR) df. Amy YOUIN (CIV), 6-0


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