US, Canada earn six Olympic quotas

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68kg WW - Amit Elor (USA) df. Thamires Martins Machado (BRA) UWW
68kg WW - Amit Elor (USA) df. Thamires Martins Machado (BRA) UWW

Out of 12 Paris 2024 spots on offer in women’s wrestling on day two of the Pan-American Olympic


An emotional Ana GODINEZ (CAN) after winning her 62kg semifinal. (Photo: UWW / William Bain)


On day two of the Pan-American Olympic Games Qualifier in Acapulco, Mexico, the United States and Canada earned six of the 12 Paris 2024 Olympic quotas in women’s wrestling, UWW reports.


The U.S. qualified three weights at the World Championships in Belgrade last year, and with three more qualifications on Thursday, it will send a full women’s wrestling team to the Olympics for a second consecutive time.


Elor, a two-time 72kg world champion, dropped to 68kg and lived up to the hype. The American, who has built a reputation for steamrolling her opponents in blink-and-you-miss bouts, faced a fierce challenge from Thamires MARTINS (BRA) in her semifinal and gave up a 4-0 lead.


Despite initially paying for her high-pressure approach, Elor kept her foot on the pedal, gradually wearing down Martins before unleashing a relentless scoring streak to seal the match, 10-4.


“I haven’t had a match like that where I was down in the beginning for a long time, but it’s something we practice for all the time,” Elor said after the about. “Nobody is happy to get down on their back. But at that moment, I was like, ‘I have to prove to myself that all the training I’ve done in practice for this situation will pay off.'”


Elor has eight world titles across different age groups, including two senior, two U23, three U20, and one U17 world gold. The 20-year-old is now eager to check off the ‘Olympics’ box.


“It is my number one dream,” she said. “Sometimes I’m driving my car and just daydreaming about it. And I’m looking at myself and have goosebumps just thinking about it. So I set this unimaginable goal for myself, and I can’t wait to see how it feels as I get closer and closer to it.”


In the other 68kg semifinal, Pan-Am silver medallist Soleymi CARABALLO (VEN) defeated Virginia JIMENEZ (CHI) 8-2 to secure a spot for her country.


Dominique PARRISH (USA) scored a 9-6 win in the semifinal. (Photo: UWW / William Bain)


Earlier, 2022 53kg world champion Dominique PARRISH (USA) kicked off the U.S. success with an exhilarating 9-6 victory over Laura HERIN (CUB), a 2020 Olympian and 2023 Pan American Games silver medalist.


Though initially taken down, Parrish returned to finish the first period with a 7-2 lead. Herin rallied in the second period with two takedowns, narrowing Parrish’s lead to 7-6, but the American held on and thwarted the attacking Cuban to secure a buzzer-beating takedown.


Venezuela got a second Paris place as Pan-Am silver medallist Betzabeth ARGUELLO (VEN) pinned Sabrina GAMA (BRA) with a big move to secure the second spot at 53kg.


Completing the hat trick for the U.S. was Kayla MIRACLE (USA), who won her 62kg semifinal. She had also won the Pan-Am title last week. The Tokyo Olympian and two-time World finalist beat Astrid MONTERO (VEN) 3-0, her second win over the two-time age-group world medalist in as many weeks.


Ana GODINEZ (CAN), who suffered the criteria loss in the Pan-Am Championships final to Miracle last week, earned a criteria win over two-time Olympian Lais NUNES (BRA) to win the spot at 62kg. However, it was a bittersweet evening for the Godinez household as elder sister Karla lost her 53kg quarterfinal to Herin.


Genesis REASCO (ECU) dispatched Rio Olympian Maria ACOSTA (VEN) 5-0 in the 76kg semifinal, getting Ecuador its first Olympic berth in over 57/58kg. This continues a strong run for Reasco, whose Pan-Am gold-winning campaign last week saw the 25-year-old overpower six-time world champion Adeline GRAY (USA) in little over a minute.


In the other semifinal, 2018 world champion Justina DI STASIO (CAN) outmatched Linda MACHUCA (ARG) 8-4.


In the 50kg category, Alisson CARDOZO (COL) completed a 9-9 criteria win against Yorlenis MORAN (PAN). With this, Cardozo also got revenge against Moran, who had dumped her out of medal contention at last week’s Pan American Championships. Tokyo Olympian Yusneylis GUZMAN (CUB) kept Genevieve HALEY (CAN) at bay to earn a 6-2 win in the second semifinal.


In the 57kg division, 10-time Pan-Am medallist Luisa VALVERDE (ECU) triumphed over Angela ALVAREZ (CUB) with a fall. At the same time, Hannah TAYLOR (CAN) secured an 8-4 win against Tokyo Olympian Alma VALENCIA (MEX), getting Canada its third berth at the Paris Games on the day.




50kg Paris Olympic Qualification Round

SF 1: Alisson CARDOZO (COL) df. Yorlenis MORAN (PAN), 9-9
SF 2: Yusnylis GUZMAN (CUB) df. Geneviève HALEY (CAN), 6-2


53kg Paris Olympic Qualification Round

S.F. 1: Dominique PARRISH (USA) df. Laura HERIN (CUB), 9-6
SF 2: Betzabth ARGUELLO (ARG) df. Sabrina GAMA (BRA), via fall


57kg Paris Olympic Qualification Round

SF 1: Luisa VALVERDE (ECU) df. Angela ALVAREZ (CUB), via fall
SF 2: Hannah TAYLOR (CAN) df. Alma VALENCIA (MEX), 8-4


62kg Paris Olympic Qualification Round

S.F. 1: Kayla MIRACLE (USA) df. Astrid MONTERO (VEN), 3-0
SF 2: Ana GODINEZ (CAN) df. Lais NUNES (BRA), 3-3


68kg Paris Olympic Qualification Round

SF 1: Amit ELOR (USA) df. Thamires MARTINS (BRA), 10-4
SF 2: Soleymi CARABALLO (VEN) df. Virgina JIMENEZ (CHI), 8-2


76kg Paris Olympic Qualification Round

SF 1: Justina DI STASIO (CAN) df. Linda MACHUCA (ARG), 8-4
SF 2: Genesis REASCO (ECU) df. Maria ACOSTA (VEN), 5-0


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