Tobi Oladitan aims for Basketball summit

Edwin  - CEO December 11, 2023
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Tobi Oladitan reaching out for the stars
Tobi Oladitan reaching out for the stars

Dreams to play professional basketball in the NBA and abroad


Oladitan: A star in the making
Oladitan: A star in the making


By Rasheed Adewuyi 


Youngster Tobi Oladitan’s dream is as verse as the universe and as glittering as the plant Pollia condensata. The Nigeria-American hopes he will someday ascend the ultimate summit of basketball stardom and beyond.
Saint  Vincent Pallotti high school Laurel, Maryland point guard,  Tobi says his aim is to play professionally in the NBA and abroad.
Oladitan  in an interview with Sports Joust on Monday disclosed that he is currently working hard to make sure that he fits into the collegiate basketball league when he finally gains  admission to the University or college next year.
Young Tobi Oladitan in a workout session
Young Tobi Oladitan in a workout session


Though his path to stardom is roughened and steeped with stumbling blocks, the lad is fueled by self belief and remarkable fortitude.
“It is not easy to combine basketball with education because you need to create time for training and also make sure that your homework or assignments are always completed, if you don’t want your grades to crash down,” he said.
The 18 year old who stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall, explained that he wants to focus more on developing his physical strength because collegiate level basketball and the NBA requires adequate strength and energy.
” Having all the necessary skills without stamina will not take you anywhere. Basketball is a physical game and that is why I am not going to stop working hard to achieve my goals in the game,” he added.
Oladitan stated that Stephen Curry of the Golden state Warriors is his role model because he loves the way the NBA star always manages to change games to his team’s favor through accurate shooting, adding that he is also blessed with shooting skills like his hero.
He advised other young and coming players to be humble,  hard working,  and to avoid allowing anything to stop them from achieving their goals, adding that with God all goals are achievable.

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