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Edwin  - CEO February 16, 2024
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74kg FS - Georgios KOUGIOUMTSIDIS (GRE) vs. Magomedkhabib KADIMAGOMEDOV (AIN) 376 Photo credit: UWW
74kg FS - Georgios KOUGIOUMTSIDIS (GRE) vs. Magomedkhabib KADIMAGOMEDOV (AIN) 376 Photo credit: UWW

57kg, 65kg, 70kg, 79kg, 97kg semis set



BUCHAREST, Romania (February 16) — Freestyle will take over the European Championships on day five with 57kg, 65kg, 70kg, 79kg and 97kg weight classes. Unfortunately, Abdulrashid SADULAEV (AIN) will not be competing. Still, big matches are coming up.




Semifinals for the evening session


Roberti DINGASHVILI (GEO) vs. Muhammet KARAVUS (TUR)


Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (AIN) vs. Goderdzi DZEBISASHVILI (GEO)




Akhmed USMANOV (AIN) vs. Avtandil KENTCHADZE (GEO)
Magomedkhabib KADIMAGOMEDOV (AIN) vs. Frank CHAMIZO (ITA)


Magomedkhan MAGOMEDOV (AZE) vs. Vladislav BAITCAEV (HUN)


14:10: Top match between Vazgen TEVANYAN (ARM) and Gazdhimurad RASHIDOV (AIN). Rashidov was called passive, which gave Tevanyan the first point, but Rashidov hit an arm-trap and rolled to make it 4-1. The second period saw Tevanyan score a takedown and step out. Rashidov held a 4-4 criteria lead, and despite Tevanyan trying hard to score, Rashidov managed to hold on to the win.


13:55: Frank CHAMIZO (ITA) is into the semifinals of 79kg. He beats Orkhan ABBASOV (AZE) 6-5 in the quarterfinals. Once again, it was Chamizo’s defense that made the difference. Abbasov scored a takedown and then a step out. But Chamizo got a takedown and a point for Abbasov’s passivity. Abbasov had Chamizo in all sorts of trouble, but the Italians’ defense saved him from a takedown. Abbasov was cautioned for fleeing when Chamizo scored a step out. Azerbaijan challenged the fleeing call but lost. Abbasov did score a takedown but failed to change the winner.


13:45: Iszmail MUSZUKAJEV (HUN) is toying with his opponents. After building a 6-0 lead against Marc DIETSCHE (SUI), he hits a four-point throw to finish the match 10-0—perhaps the most casual four-pointer you will see.


13:40: World champion Akhmed USMANOV (AIN) got the first point for Georgios KOUGIOUMTSIDIS (GRE) passivity and hit a big four-pointer to lead 5-0. He added a takedown, while Kougioumtsidis could not get a reversal and takedown. Usmanov moves into the semifinal with a 7-4 win.


13:30: Magomedkhabib KADIMAGOMEDOV (AIN) hits a massive throw for five and then a turn to beat Ramazan SARI (TUR) 10-0 and move into the 79kg semifinal. He will face the winner of Orkhan ABBASOV (AZE) and Frank CHAMIZO (ITA).


13:10: Batyrbek TCAKULOV (SVK) and Givi MATCHARASHVILI (GEO) move into the 97kg quarterfinals. Tcakulov defeated Robert BARAN (POL), while Matcharashvili dominated Lukas KRASAUSKAS (LTU) 13-2.


12:55: Arsen HARUTYUNYAN (ARM) takes just two minutes to beat Kamil KERYMOV (UKR) 10-0 at 57kg and advance to this evening’s semifinal. Harutyunyan is looking for his fourth European title.


12:40: Vazgen TEVANYAN (ARM) is a different beast in the second period. He trailed Krzysztof BIENKOWSKI (POL) 2-0 but hit a beautiful four-pointer in the second before adding a takedown. He wins 7-2. Next up for Tevanyan is Rashidov.


12:20: Gadzhimurad RASHIDOV (AIN), returning to the international scene for the first time since the Tokyo Olympics, begins with a solid 6-0 win over Andre CLARKE (GER). His defense still looks solid.


Noon: Frank CHAMIZO (ITA) has more action in his second match as he beats Erik REINBOK (EST) 6-0 at 79kg. In the same weight category, Georgios KOUGIOUMTSIDIS (GRE) holds off Oleksii DOMANYTSKYI (UKR) 7-4 to advance to the quarterfinals.


11:50: Israil KASUMOV (AIN) was a late entry to the European Championships, but his journey may have finished early. He drops his first match 4-3 to Kanan HEYBATOV (AZE) at 70kg.


11:45: 65kg world champion Iszmail MUSZUKAJEV (HUN) is wrestling at 70kg, and he takes his good time to win the first match. Up against Egzon XHONI (KOS), Muszukajev wins 11-0.


11:30: Little upset on Mat C as Erik THIELE (GER) beats Magomedgadji NUROV (MKD) 4-3 at 97kg. He hit an arm throw for four points when trailing 3-0. Batyrbek TCAKULOV (SRB) finishes his about against Benjamin HONIS (ITA) 10-0 in 2 minutes and 45 seconds.


11:15: On Mat B, Iakub SHIKHDZHAMALOV (ROU) and Pouria TAHERKHANI (GER) wrestle it about, and Shikhdzhamalov wins 4-4 after a late takedown. On Mat C, Magomedkhabib KADIMAGOMEDOV (AIN) has an easy 4-0 over Miroslav KIROV (BUL).


11:00: First big clash of the day! Hetik CABOLOV (SRB) and Frank CHAMIZO (ITA) are coming up on Mat A at 79kg. Chamizo is warned multiple times for passivity. He was put on the activity clock as well. Cabolov led 1-0 at the break. Chamizo put on the clock again in the second period, but he scored a takedown this time before the clock expired. He was happy to play out the remaining time and win 2-1.


10:30: A blockbuster day is on the cards at the European Championships. The 79kg weight class has multiple world and European medalists competing. 65kg will see Vazgen TEVANYAN (ARM) and Gazdhimurad RASHIDOV (AIN).


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