WWE Owner called out for sexism

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WWE Diva Natalya Neidhart made to play the role of Farting Natalya

Wrestling veteran who worked closely with Vince McMahon blasts the former WWE CEO for putting women in tough spots


Vince McMahonVince McMahon (via Pinterest


Wrestling veteran Vince Russo called out Vince McMahon and made some shocking claims about the WWE Executive Chairman, reports  Subhashish Deb for first Sportz.


Pro wrestling veteran Vince Russo has called out Vince McMahon for being sexist in a recent podcast. He said that the women were in a tough position in the company back then under the former WWE CEO. Russo revealed this in the latest episode of The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, along with former WWE superstar EC3 and host Chris Featherstone.


Vince Russo revealed that women in WWE had it ‘tough’ under Vince McMahon. He further added that no matter how the company treated women, there would always be a place for them. Russo believes that from Dana Brooke to Natalya, all women in the WWE had a tough time under Mr. McMahon. The three men recalled some of the worst gimmicks in pro-wrestling history in the podcast.



Vince Russo was one of the top writers in WWE during the attitude era. In the late 1990s, his clever writing approach helped the company rise dramatically in popularity. In the podcast, the three men discussed some of the worst gimmicks in pro wrestling, and Russo made some shocking claims. The 62-year-old stated that some of these gimmicks that were wrongfully attributed to him were originally creations of Vince McMahon. Russo revealed that when Sable was drawing in views for WWE, McMahon made controversial decisions in her booking to ‘knock her down a few pegs.’

Former WWE star EC3 also shed light on Natalya’s farting gimmick in the company. It was also another example of a controversial Vince McMahon decision. The three men discussed a wide variety of things during the recent podcast.



Vince McMahon’s update on spinal surgery


Vince McMahonWWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon (via Pinterest)


Some people believe that the injury was because of a neck injury McMahon had back in the 1990s. The WWE Executive Chairman apparently had hip problems as well, and he didn’t get a hip replacement because it would mean giving up big squats. When Mick Foley had his hips replaced several years ago, McMahon encouraged him not to do it because of the squat issue.


According to Wrestling Inc., Vince McMahon’s recent spine surgery lasted four to five hours and was called “life-altering.” He has been going through a hectic year. Mr. McMahon officially rejoined WWE in January after initially leaving the company in July 2022 due to allegations of a hush money scandal.


Former Total Divas star reveals Vince McMahon once had to scrap her explicit storyline involving Rusev and Lana


Former WWE superstar Summer Rae made some shocking revelations about one of her romantic storylines in WWE.


Vince McMahon has been a pivotal figure in WWE for years. However, his creative ideas have not always been appreciated by fans and superstars. Recently, former Total Divas star Summer Rae shed light on her scrapped storyline involving Dolph ZigglerRusev, and Lana. She revealed that Vince McMahon had to scrap their storyline midway.


During a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Summer Rae spoke about her explicit storyline with Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, and Lana. She revealed that back then, TMZ published the news of Rusev and Lana’s engagement when the storyline was at its peak. As a result, the kayfabe was broken, leaving Vince McMahon furious, and the latter snubbed the whole storyline.



Summer Rae later talked about her tenure in WWE and said that she had fun doing the explicit storyline with Rusev, Lana, and Ziggler. The former Total Divas star stated that they were getting along well and were enjoying the storyline. Summer Rae also revealed that Vince McMahon was also very invested in their storyline and was upset after TMZ published the cover.


Summer Rae has been part of various memorable segments in WWE. She had an incredible time with Fandango on the main roster and became quite popular. However, she retired from pro wrestling a long time ago. The former WWE star is rarely seen in podcasts and interviews.


Summer Rae speaks about getting weird DMs


Summer Rae

Summer Rae (via Sportzwiki) 

WWE fans are some of the most passionate fans in pro wrestling. However, sometimes they cross the line from admiration to obsession. Previously, WWE superstar Sonya Deville became the victim of a stalker. Summer Rae has also addressed these issues regarding receiving weird DMs from her fans.


During her conversation with Chris Van Vliet, she stated that she has received a good amount of love from her fans over time. However, some fans have crossed the line of admiration. Summer Rae said that some fans keep sending her a lot of selfies in her DM. “It’s a lot of selfies,” she said.


Furthermore, Rae said there are some fans who have been sending her messages and selfies for five to six years. The former WWE superstar added that although it is not threatening or sexual, it is creepy. Moreover, her DMs include people asking her to come back or complimenting her feat.


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