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Jordynne Grace storms NXT Image credit: WWE
Jordynne Grace storms NXT Image credit: WWE

Jordynne Grace storms NXT Ring to challenge NXT Women’s champion Roxanne Perez


Jordynne Grace, the TNA Impact Knockouts champion made her NXT appearance early tonight to underscore the WWE and Impact Wrestling alliance.



Grace was introduced by NXT general manager Ava as the next challenger for NXT Women’s champion Roxanne Perez’s title. The women will clash at NXT Battleground 2024 on June 9.


WWE NXT Results: Quick Hits



Michin def. Tatum Paxley – Women’s NXT North American Championship Qualifier



Michin is one step closer to making history as she defeated Tatum Paxley in a Women’s NXT North American Championship Qualifying Match.


Before the bell could even ring, both Superstars battled it out as Paxley tried to grab the newly unveiled title from the grasp of rapper Sexyy Red, and Michin didn’t take kindly to the disrespect.


Michin looked as impressive as ever as she hit a huge dive to the outside as well as a devastating pounce, but the resilient Paxley absorbed every big shot and came just seconds away from winning the match herself.


The two Superstars matched each other’s energy, but a perfect counter from Michin allowed her to hit a nasty boot in the face to win the bout and punch her ticket to Battleground.



The interesting relationship between Ridge Holland Chase U added another chapter when Holland took on Riley Osborne in singles action.


Holland looked dominant early on, tossing Osborne around the ring, but he decided to take it to the next level by introducing the steel steps.


However, when he went for the steps, Holland caught a glimpse of the anguish on Thea Hail’s face and it seemed to greatly affect him.


After the look from Hail, Holland’s anger subsided greatly, but he still kept the pressure and defeated Osborne clean with a Redeemer DDT.


The O.C. def. Malik Blade & Edris Enofé



Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson reaffirmed their status as one of the top tag teams in NXT by stomping out the team of Malik Blade & Edris Enofé.


Blade and Enofé looked strong early on, but their momentum became derailed Anderson hit Blade and the domino effect led to Brinley Reece getting hit by Enofé.


With Reece gone, Blade and Enofé seemed to stop believing they could win as one Magic Killer from The O.C. ended the match for good.


Lola Vice def. Arianna Grace



After a brief backstage discussion, Lola Vice made an example out of Arianna Grace and called out her NXT Battleground opponent, Shayna Baszler.


Grace did all she could, but one devastating spinning back fist from Vice gave her the win.


After the match, she called out Baszler and the two had to be held back from brawling with each other.


Dante Chen def. Lexis King



Lightning struck twice as Dante Chen stunned Lexis King for the second consecutive week, but King got the last laugh.


King was looking to prove a point, but one mistake allowed Chen to roll him up and secure the win.


The arrogant King proceeded to snap and destroy Chen before hitting him with a Coronation on the exposed floor on the outside.


Kelani Jordan def. Wren Sinclair – Women’s NXT North American Championship Qualifier



Kelani Jordan punched her ticket to Battleground by defeating Wren Sinclair in the final NXT Women’s North American Championship Qualifying Match.


Sinclair and Jordan went back and forth trading pinfall attempts, but the core strength of Jordan allowed her master the moment as she laid Sinclair out in a perfect position.


Jordan scaled the turnbuckle and hit a scintillating split-legged moonsault to advance to NXT Battleground.


Trick Williams and Je’Von Evans w/ Sexyy Red def. Gallus



The NXT Champion teamed up with Je’Von Evans to take on Joe and Mark Coffey of Gallus, and they even had rap superstar Sexyy Red in their corner.


Gallus was none too thrilled with the antics of their opponents and their new cohort and brutalized Evans by slamming him into the steel steps.


The Young OG tagged in the champ, and he proceeded to clean house, doing so by hitting a pair of Book Ends in a nod to the WWE Hall of Famer on commentary, Booker T.


Joe Coffey tried to grab the NXT Title, but Sexyy Red ripped it from his hands as Evans flew over the top rope to take him out. Williams used the chaos to line up Mark Coffey for a Trick Shot and win the match.


Ethan Page arrives in NXT and attacks NXT Champion Trick Williams



After the match, Lash Legend came down to the ring and confronted Trick over the attacks on Noam Dar and Oro Mensah.



Just as Trick was responding to Lash’s query, Ethan Page made his NXT debut and attacked the NXT Champion.


Credit: WWE

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