What and who can stop Djokovich Now?

Edwin  - CEO July 3, 2023
Updated 2023/07/03 at 11:18 AM
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Djokovich vs Nadal is always thrilling to watch

With Nadal, the only man on earth capable of stopping the Serb out injured, Novak Djokovich is on a roller coaster ride to the Wimbledon slam


Novak Djokovic Dethrones Rafael Nadal After Roland Garos Epic | ATP Tour | TennisThis year’s Wimbledon will be missing the Novak Djokovich versus Rafael Nadal Tennis classic


Ed Emeanua


It’s not only a question of who, it also includes what, can stand in the way of Novak Djokovich stretching beyond natural limits, his fast increasing Grand Slam wins at Wimbledon 2023?


With old nemesis Rafael Nadal already laid out on the injured queue slab, it is highly within the confines of rationalization to conclude that the ‘who’ in stopping the Serbian’s formidable World Tennis arsenal is now totally out of commission.


What is now left for the world to get a break from watching on helplessly as Djokovich performs another simple task of just coasting to another slam at Wimbledon this summer is perhaps an act of God or nature. Even that too, is inconceivable.


Rafael Nadal is passing up the year’s Wimbledon as Djokovic expects to stretch his intimidating Grand Slam wins.


That perhaps is already granted and leaves room for Djokovic to create more separation at the summit of the unsurpassed men’s Grand Slam championship grids.


With Nadal now certain to missout on Wimbledon due to injury, Djokovic is all but handed a good chance to land his 24th slam.


Also, with the Serb’s only performing top three foes now nearing retirement avenue, the existing gulf to catching up with Djokovic’s marauding slam winning rampage is fast expanding into a chasm.


It is anticipated that Nadal will finally move on into retirement avenue at the end of next season as the injury woes that have plagued and determined him to missout this year’s championship lingers.


Nadal’s absence at the French Open, which remains his lucrative hunting ground, easily allowed Djokovic to win and go one up over the 37-year-old on 23 primetime victories.


As Nadal battles to be fit and ready, the Tennis Universe have watched on with awe as Djokovic easily dominated and won three out of the last four in seasonal Grand Slam championships. He is now but set to extend it to four from five triumphs at Wimbledon except an act of nature or something more sinister stops him.


In the next two weeks hereafter, only Carlos Alcaraz seems to be his only formidable contender for the Wimbledon plate. That too is no match for the superhuman powers of an unstoppable Djokovich that is now more than hellbent on leaving his indelible mark on history.


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