Victor Osimhen: From landfill slum to superstardom

Edwin  - CEO July 5, 2023
Updated 2023/07/06 at 2:35 AM
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Olusosun-the building in the Lagos slum area where Victor Osimhen was raised

Napoli’s man of the moment returns to what constitutes his personal flotsam and jetsam world


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By Ed Emeanua


Victor Osimhen returned to his former Olusosun neighborhood-a renown landfill slum-a few weeks ago and to the nostalgia of a boy who grew up in a famous favela in Lagos, Nigeria, now to the awakening of a man who now ploughs through the opulence of the affluence Avenues of this world without bother.


Most would readily choose to bury the nostalgia of the foul smelling neighborhood that continues to be a blight against their recollection of their beginning; a memory that is best to be shoved into the archives of infamy and left there to rot.


Not the highflying Napoli forward though. Osimhen has rather chosen to return to the stench of his noble beginning and his personal irony of what would without debate be construed the flotsam and jetsam past for many.


All the same, the Lagos favela where Osimhen’s origin took its roots, in reciprocation opened its arms of welcome to the form it has helped to mold into a god-like image in far away Naples, Italy.


In this nostalgic reawakening of a star and his neighborhood of upbringing, Osimhen and Olusosun favela both recognize the bond that has strengthened such a very palpable overflowing of love from a welcoming and appreciative community to one of their own, now a man of high repute and recognition.


For Osimhen, as the now renown star that he is, could have easily chosen to forgot his harrowing past, but has rather opted to return to the place of his highly noble beginning.


Osimhen’s return to Olusosun demonstrates his decision to pay respect with total humility and recognition for his nobility. In this tough favela south-side of the former Nigerian capital that is more famous for its gigantic landfill and stench, Osimhen’s aim was to reunite with his childhood friends and pay a visit to the school kids now attending the elementary school where he began his own embryonic education.





Each turn for the Napoli forward in this hood of nostalgic proportions for the Napoli star forward was greeted by an adoring crowd of hundreds of people. Moved almost to the point of tears, Osimhen would later tweet:


“Returning to where my football dream and journey began in Olusosun gives me so much goosebumps. I am humbled and grateful for the roots that shaped my dreams.


“This is me once again appreciating their love and support and I will always cherish Olusosun and it’s people. Thank You!” 


Image of Osimhen’s reunion with his favela was almost akin to the throngs of appreciative fans in Naples that greeted Napoli’s Scudetto win after 33 years in waiting. The crowds of Napoli just as it is now with the faithful of Olusosun, welcomed the man who has brought the world’s attention to their nobility, identity, and pride to live and let live, with so much gratitude. 



Osimhen’s potentials are remarkable. The players passing detail of the game is exemplary, as he passes the ball roughly 13.00 times in the course of a game having a pass completion rate of 71.05%. The Napoli superstar equally makes 1.15 vital passes every game which ends up in outstanding goal scoring opportunities.



Last season in Serie A, Osimhen scored s6 goals in 32 games notching also four assists that ended up in goals. He also score 6 times in the Napoli’s Champions League forays with another 5 goals assists to booth. The star has also garnered 17  goals in 25 Super Eagles appearances for Nigeria and is in line to eclipse Rashidi Yekini’s Nigeria’s 37 goals all time scoring record being aged just 24-years-old.

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