Super Bowl victory parade ends in shooting

Edwin  - CEO February 14, 2024
Updated 2024/02/14 at 10:14 PM
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Every NFL team dreams of a Super Bowl victory parade in their hometown. But what was supposed to be a celebratory occasion for the Kansas City Chiefs has turned into a terrifying incident.


On Feb. 14, the Chiefs’ victory parade was happening outside Union Station in downtown Kansas City when gunshots suddenly rang out and sent fans scrambling. It happened moments after Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce spoke to the crowd.


“Shots have been fired around Union Station. Please leave the area,” the Kansas City Police Department urged attendees on social media. In a follow-up post, the police confirmed that multiple people were shot and that they apprehended two armed people and brought them into custody “for more investigation,” Chris Malone Méndez reports for The Tribune.



Capt. Jake Becchina, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, explained to The Kansas City Star what was happening in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. “After the rally, there were shots fired west of Union Station near the garage, and several people were struck,” “We need people to exit the area as quickly and safely as possible and avoid the parking garage to facilitate treatment of shooting victims.” Videos show chaos outside the station.




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