‘Qualification is our only objective’

Edwin  - CEO March 23, 2024
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Casimir Nnga CAFonline
Casimir Nnga CAFonline

Kévin Nicaise & Casimir Ninga (Chad coach and captain)



Chad managed a hard-fought 1-0 win over Mauritius on Friday, 22 March, in the opening leg of the TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations Morocco 2025 Qualifiers. This was the nation’s first win in five years, as it aims to qualify for the TotalEnergies CAF AFCON for the first time in history.


The return leg of the qualifier is scheduled for Mauritius on Tuesday, 26 March.


CAFOnline caught up with Chad coach Kevin Nicaise, and captain Casimir Ninga posted the victory.


Coach, congratulations on the victory. Your team dominated the second period but lacked efficiency in finishing. Does this concern you?


Kévin Nicaise:  We faltered a little in the finishing. However, what I remember is that we created a lot of chances. We were solid defensively. In the first half, the match was more balanced. During the second half, we took the upper hand. At the start of the game, the boys were a little stressed about what was at stake. It’s a relatively young group; they don’t all have experience compared to Mauritius. But overall, we are satisfied.


How do you plan on rectifying the lack of finishing?


KN: We are far from perfect, far from being a top team globally. We are in the construction phase. There are still things to work on and improve. It is not overnight that we will be a top team in the world, we are aware of that, however we are working hard with the group and the staff to achieve this goal. The first twenty minutes were not significant. During the second half, we dared to play and placed ourselves higher. Our group has players with a lot of quality, but the occasion stressed them initially, and then they adjusted later. We could have scored a goal a little earlier, which would have relieved everyone, but I am satisfied with my team’s performance.


Captain, what did the coach say to the team during halftime?


Casimir Ninga: During half-time, the coach told us about our missed chances. I knew we had to work harder in front of the goal and that, at some point, it would kick in.


What analysis do you make of this first meeting against Mauritius?


CN: The group has just been formed, and we are still gelling. Our opponents now know our game, and we know theirs. We will now get back to work to fill our gaps.


What will be the key to winning the return match?


CN: We will go to Mauritius to qualify. Our objective is clear. Chad has never been to the AFCON. Many generations have struggled with the accomplishment of this project. Everything comes in its time; we have good hope of getting there.


Coach, what are your team’s good points after this meeting?


KN: The biggest thing is winning. It’s been five years since we last won a match; it’s a relief for everyone. I think it will give me confidence for the future. Then, defensively, we must remain strong. We didn’t concede too many chances. We must take advantage of this victory and quickly refocus because a match awaits us on Tuesday.


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