‘One last chance available for Elephants’

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Roger Boli weighs Côte d’Ivoire’s chances against Senegal


Roger Boli, commentator for the TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations Côte d’Ivoire 2023 for CAF TV, has analyzed the host country’s chances against defending champion Senegal in round 16.


In this interview with Cafonline.com, he revealed his impressions about the TotalEnergies CAF AFCON Côte d’Ivoire 2023.


How are you experiencing the TotalEnergies CAF AFCON Côte d’Ivoire 2023?


Everything is fine. I commentate on the TotalEnergies CAF AFCON in San Pedro for CAF TV with my friend Frank Simon, and we have been treated to quality games in Group F.


I could see players of great talent, who I liked before and who confirmed all the good things I think of them. I am impressed with players like Daka from Zambia and Kakuta from DR Congo. I liked Ounnahi from Morocco, who is having a good tournament, and Sofiane Boufal doing something impressive on the side, too. Don’t forget Amrabat, who does an excellent job in the midfield.


In the other teams, I like the collective strength of Nigeria, especially the central defense, which has not conceded many goals. Ekong, Ajayi, Bassey, and Aina do a great job on the pitch, just like Lookman and Osimhen, who bring a lot to their team even if he doesn’t score. His work rate is essential for the team.


Emilio Nsue is also very valuable to his team. He does a lot of running with or without the ball. Then there is the Angolan Gelson Dala, an outstanding player.


The Senegalese team has impressed me with their collective effort.


It’s the most beautiful TotalEnergies CAF AFCON I have attended since 2002 in Mali.


I have attended all TotalEnergies CAF AFCON since 2002, except for 2015, where Ivory Coast won. This TotalEnergies CAF AFCON is a very good TotalEnergies CAF AFCON, and it is not because it is being played on the Ivory Coast. I mainly talk about the quality of the matches and the players. Africa is starting to make a lot of progress.


We see very competitive matches. We noticed that there is no small team among the qualified teams. It’s great to see all these players holding their place.


Tell us a little about this commentator role that you play. 


I’m enjoying it. Having the chance to comment on group F, which gave us so many emotions, is a real treat.


Once again, I liked Morocco with its collective effort. I had fun as a commentator. I have the chance to see suitable matches, talk about them, and experience them as if I were still a player. At the same time, it’s a job that I love immensely. I’m not a footballer anymore, but it’s just like I still was.


On the ground, how do you assess the TotalEnergies CAF AFCON Côte d’Ivoire 2023?


I appreciate this TotalEnergies CAF AFCON because there are suitable matches. There is nothing like small small teams. All the teams fight among themselves. There are a lot of surprises. These are tough matches but not closed ones.


We have a chance; everyone is playing to win, and each team is doing its best to get a good result. There are some excellent goals. It’s a very high-level TotalEnergies CAF AFCON, with all teams impressing day by day.


Does Cotê D’Ivoire have a chance against Senegal? 


Côte d’Ivoire came back alive after Morocco’s victory. We know that in a match, anything can happen. Senegal also has flaws, and it’s up to the Elephants to exploit them well.


We will have to be vigilant because this Lions team has a lot of quality and speed. You must avoid crashing in quickly, play with time, surprise them, and play with character and will.


The previous matches were very difficult for Ivory Coast. There is one last chance available; we must seize it and play it with determination because the country deserves it.


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