Mexican FA refuses to condemn ‘p***’ chant

Edwin  - CEO March 26, 2024
Updated 2024/03/26 at 6:41 PM
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The AT & T Stadium, Arlington, Texas USA Image credit: Inside World Football
The AT & T Stadium, Arlington, Texas USA Image credit: Inside World Football

Instead thanks misbehaving fans for their support



March 26 – The Mexican football federation (FMF) stopped short of condemning its fans for their discriminatory ‘p***’ chant at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on Sunday at the USA vs Mexico Nations League final, Paul Nicholson reorts for Inside World Football.


Instead, the FMF posted on X, saying, “…This defeat hurts a lot because we failed you.” They were going to say, “Thank you for all your support.”


No mention or condemnation was made of the homophobic chant. The statement could almost be read as condoning the fan behavior that FIFA sanctioned with CHF 100,000 Swiss francs ($111,000) for offensive chants at two games in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


The FMF, its new leadership, and its fans swim against global opinion.


While privately, Mexican officials have in the past tried to dismiss the chant as not having ‘real or meaningful’ homophobic intent, the fact that others find it profoundly offensive and threatening makes it so.


The match was first delayed for close to five minutes in the 88th minute and again briefly in the 96th minute due to the chants. With the FIFA three-step anti-discrimination protocol having been put into play, the chanting was building again after the second chant. Referee Hugh Fischer mercifully blew the final whistle seconds before the chant could be completed, and he would have had to abandon the final—the objective of the Mexican fans who have realized that the protocol and the chant can be weaponized.


FIFA president Gianni Infantino posted on Instagram, “Discrimination, of any kind, has no place in football and no place in society. I call on the relevant authorities to ensure that those responsible are held to account for their actions.”


The statement raised a barrage of ridicule, suggesting he was that global authority.


Concacaf, which has been battling discrimination issues with its ‘What is wrong is wrong’ campaign, issued its own statement explaining that stadium security tried to take action when the game was first suspended and expressing frustration that this chant is still an issue with the World Cup starting in 2026.


The statement said, “Security staff in the stadium identified and ejected a significant number of fans, and the referee and match officials activated the FIFA protocol.”


“It is extremely disappointing that this matter continues to be an issue at some matches, particularly given that the next two years present such a tremendous opportunity to grow the sport in our region.


“We will continue to urge fans to support their teams positively and with respect for the opposition and all game participants.”


Mexico will host 13 games at the 2026 World Cup.


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