Madojiemu, others uncover athletics talents

Edwin  - CEO January 1, 2024
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One of the budding talents at the event
One of the budding talents at the event

Sixteen Ophaned Talents discovered at CFASF AthIetics meet in Kaduna


By Rasheed Adewuyi
No fewer than 16 talents, 8 boys and 8 girls were identified at the 6th Coach Felix Academic and Sports Foundation (CFASF) Annual Stakeholders Congress at Ahmadu Bello Stadium in Kaduna.
In this year’s event, organizers decided to incorporate some talented boys and girls from the orphanages, with financial support from Former AthIetes Princess Mabel Madojiemu, Coach Kayode Yahaya, AFN Technical Director Samuel Onikeku, NVBF President Engr. Musa Nimrod, Mr. Musa Audu, Micromanna
Ltd, and Mohammad Aliyu.
Twelve orphanage homes contributed 116 participants in 100m and 150m races.
According to Coach Felix Osiebe, after allowing participants to express themselves and show their potential, Eight boys and Eight girls were found with the required talent, all below 16 years of age.
“They will all be taken through training and development programs next season. We will partner with the homes to create training programs for them and promote them to championships within their age range of U-16 and U-13,” Osiebe said.
The annual event, which was started in 2016 by the Founder Osiebe, aimed to discover new track and field talents from the nooks and crannies of the country, especially in schools, youth clubs, streets, and villages. The events usually involved seminars, athletics competitions, and talent hunts.
However, the organizers took it much higher in 2023 when they decided to bring in 116 competitors from 12 orphanages across Kaduna state for participation.
“Our foundation started in 2016 to discover, develop, and deliver potential athletes. We have been presenting athletes to represent Kaduna State in the Youth Games since 2016,” Osiebe added.
“We also went into the villages within the state to scout for talents, especially those not attending schools.
“I lost my childhood, and that is why I want to fill the gap and allow the youth to enjoy the best of their childhood and realize their potential.
“Kaduna state government has finally awakened to the value of athletics, and events like these help arouse that interest in athletics. People should support the program financially and morally.”
The CFASF program has produced some international athletes in both junior and senior categories.

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