Jordynne Grace defends versus Allysin Kay

Edwin  - CEO June 5, 2024
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Jordynne Grace vs Allysin Kay on TNA Impact Image credit: TNA Impact
Jordynne Grace vs Allysin Kay on TNA Impact Image credit: TNA Impact

On the journey to Against All Odds on TNA Impact twentieth Anniversary



Jordynne Grace has electrified the wrestling world with her unexpected appearance on NXT. Last week on TNA iMPACT, she faced off against the returning Marti Belle, only to be blindsided by Allysin Kay after the match. The vicious attack left Grace with a torn ear, but it also led to the reformation of the formidable team, HEX! Now, Allysin Kay is set to go toe-to-toe with Grace in the ring. Will Grace’s unstoppable momentum continue, or will Hex swoop in and snatch the TNA Knockouts Championship? Don’t miss a moment of the action as it unfolds this Thursday on the 20th anniversary of TNA iMPACT!



Frankie Kazarian has been demanding that everyone refer to him as the “King of TNA,” much to the annoyance of “The Wanted Man.” After being brutalized by the System and making a remarkable comeback to TNA to rescue his brother, Ryan, he is determined to teach the self-proclaimed “King of TNA” a lesson. Will he be able to defeat his rival and gain the upper hand heading into Against All Odds? Tune in this Thursday on the 20th Anniversary of TNA iMPACT to find out!



Last week on TNA iMPACT, tensions were running high as Jake Something and Cody Deaner found themselves in a heated conversation. Suddenly, Kon interrupted, igniting a fire within Jake Something. Kon warned Something about Deaner’s past betrayal in The Design. The challenge was made for this week’s episode of TNA iMPACT, with Jake sternly warning Deaner to stay out of his way. As the stage is set for a showdown between these two behemoths, the question remains: will Deaner heed Jake’s warning and stay on the sidelines, or will he foolishly insert himself into the fray? Tune in as they go head-to-head on TNA iMPACT!



Laredo Kid was expressing his pride in being the Digital Media Champion to the iMPACT Faithful when Aj Francis and Rich Swann, also known as Fir$t Cla$$, rudely interrupted. They informed Laredo that he would be facing Aj Francis for the title. Before Laredo could even respond, he was blindsided by a sudden attack from Aj Francis, leaving him sprawled on the ground. Will AJ Francis dethrone Laredo and become the new TNA Digital Media Champion, or will Laredo continue his reign? With Rich Swann lurking at ringside, Laredo’s chances seem bleak. We find out this Thursday on TNA iMPACT!



Mustafa Ali has proven to be one of the most dominant X Division Champions of all time remaining undefeated in TNA despite many controversies including his new confidant Campaign Singh costing Mike Bailey a victory over Trent Seven knocking him one step further away from The X Division title while his partner faces Ali at Against All Odds for the X Division Championship. Will Speedball and Trent be able to take down Ali And Singh giving Trent the momentum as he walks into Against All Odds? Or will the campaign be too much? Find out This Thursday on the 20th Anniversary of TNA iMPACT!


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