‘I’ll wipe the floor with Joshua’

Edwin  - CEO April 12, 2023
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Joe Joyce is spoiling for a Anthony Joshua fight

Joe Joyce wants to fight Anthony Joshua for being jealous of him


Video: Anthony Joshua sparring with Joe Joyce before a fight


Joe Joyce has promised to wipe the ring floor with Anthony Joshua should he finally gets the chance to fight him in the ring.


Joyce is looking for a fight badly and he wants it to happen soonest with none other than his former sparring partner, Joshua, whom he accused of being jealous of his rise to ring superstardom.


Both men have sparred zillions of minutes but are yet to battle it out officially inside a squared circle.


According to the UK Express, Joyce, now wants that to change permanently as he is convinced his fellow British heavyweight and foe, views him with jealousy now he been fortunate to climb to the “top of the mountain.”


The Juggernaut fights Zhilei Zhang Saturday night at the Copper Box Arena in London and a win could place him directly in line for a  first shot at a world title in his professional career.


At the same time, Joshua’s once twinkling star has dimmed as a result of consecutive loses to Oleksandr Usyk and an unimpressive victory over Jermaine Franklin on his comeback fight April 1 at the O2 Arena .

Joe Joyce Anthony Joshua

Joe Joyce believes Anthony Joshua is now jealous of him after climbing the mountain (Image: GETTY)


By Ed Emeanua


Joyce and Joshua have practiced together thousands of rounds over the years and a possible faceoff is shaping up as a major possibility but with the Juggernaut presently on the ascendancy in his career, an AJ victory is no longer taken as a routine.


The provisional champion of the WBO heavyweight division is uncompromising in his view that Joshua now hopes to swap places with him, as he labored to agitate the hornet’s nest with a secession of taunts.


“Recently, there’s been some bad blood, but maybe we can settle it in the ring some day,” Joyce said with a scowl.

Boxing in Manchester - Joe Joyce v Joseph Parker

Joe Joyce believes he would wipe the floor with Anthony Joshua (Image: Getty)


“He must have got rid of his phone after the loss to Andy Ruiz. It was a huge fall from grace, especially when he was built and he had this unbeatable air and it kind of all crumbled, and people’s perceptions about him have changed as well.


“He’s younger than me, so he still has time, but he’s already been to the top of the mountain. I’m right there, and he wants what I got now because I got a title, and that could be his route back in.”


Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s fight maker has earlier disclosed that Joshua is thrilled by the idea of a fight with Joyce who is among his likely picks for his next bout later in the year.


AJ was originally planning to resume fighting this summer but he has just made it public that his next fight will now hold in December.

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