Francis Ngannou drops Mike Tyson bombshell

Edwin  - CEO February 29, 2024
Updated 2024/02/29 at 9:56 PM
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Featured Image Credit: Getty/Sport Bible
Featured Image Credit: Getty/Sport Bible

Ahead of Anthony Joshua fight


Francis Ngannou hitting the pads as Mike Tyson watches on. Image: Getty


According to Nasir Jabbar of Sport Bible, Francis Ngannou has made a significant decision regarding Mike Tyson ahead of his monstrous fight against Anthony Joshua.


Ngannou returns to the boxing ring next FRIDAY when he takes on former world heavyweight champion Joshua.


It will be his first appearance since his valiant showing against Tyson Fury, where he dropped the WBC title holder before losing a controversial decision.


Ngannou will look to get off the mark in boxing following his high-profile UFC departure.


‘The Predator’ drafted in ‘Iron’ Mike for his training camp ahead of facing Fury last October and was ringside for their Riyadh clash.


But he has dropped the boxing icon from his camp before his fight against Joshua.


“To be honest with this fight, since my training was here [Riyadh], we didn’t get Mike Tyson here,” revealed Ngannou.


“He came in three times [for Fury], he was more advising.


“He would come and watch our training; he would be there to give advice.”


Tyson helped Ngannou prepare for his boxing debut, with the fighter’s trainer, Dewey Cooper, explaining his involvement in this camp.


“Well, Mike is his family to us,” he said. “Mike and I have been friends since the 90s. He used to come to my fights and show me support and love, and Francis talked about this over four years ago. Before Francis won the heavyweight championship in the UFC, Mike Tyson inspired him to do this boxing thing.


“So, Francis and Mike Tyson have an extraordinary relationship. So, even if Mike isn’t here, he and Francis talk; his motivation is there one way or another. ”


Ngannou could emulate Tyson’s achievement of winning a world heavyweight title should he beat Joshua.


A victory over ‘AJ’ could see him land an undisputed showdown against the winner of Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk.

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