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Edwin  - CEO December 14, 2023
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Africa Cup of Nations all-time goalscorers
Africa Cup of Nations all-time goalscorers

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  • Over 30,000 tickets already sold during online ticket sales
  • Over-the-counter phase to give locals opportunity to purchase tickets 
  • CAF, LOC ensures ticket price is affordable


With 30 days to the kick-off of the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations Cote d’Ivoire 2023, CAF has launched over-the-counter tickets sales for the showpiece African football event.


The over the counter ticket sales will ensure that locals in Cote d’Ivoire have an opportunity to purchase tickets for the global showpiece that will kick-off on 13 January 2023.


The global online sales was launched on 9 November 2023. Tickets are still available online on for supporters and fans outside Cote d’Ivoire.


The over-the-counter ticket sales will be in 12 cities and towns across Cote d’Ivoire. Ticket sales outlets can be found in Yamoussoukro, Bouaké, Korhogo, San Pedro, Grand Bassam, Cocody, Plateau, Bingerville, Songon, Anyama, Yopougon and Adjamé.


Ticket prices range from 5000 FCFA (about 8 US Dollars) for Category Three (3), 10000 FCFA (about 16 US Dollars) for Category Two (2) and 15000 FCFA (about 24 US Dollars).


Municipalities / Cities SALES POINTS Location
Yamoussoukro 5 Fondation FHB (bureau)Prefecture (bureau)
La sous prefecture de Yamoussoukro (bureau)
Laposte (bureau)
Carrefour visitation (box)
Bouaké 7 Centre Jacques AKA (bureau)                                                                     L’oriental, en face du tribunal (bureau)
Préfecture de région (bureau)
Agence laPoste (2)
Habitat de la caisse (box)
Auchan (box)
Korhogo 5 Direction du Tourisme (bureau)
La poste
Sous prefecture (bureau
Mairie (bureau)
Direction des sports (bureau)
San Pedro 5 Agence de voyage Jules Ferri (bureau)
Direction de Sport (bureau)
Préfecture (bureau)
Agence laPoste (2)
Grand Bassam 1 Agence laPoste
Cocody 6 Les agences Laposte (Campus, 2pltx Ena, 2pltx les perles, cité rouge)
Playce palmeraie (2box)
Plateau 4 La mairie  (Utilisation de bureau)
Agence la poste (plateau Bad,  plateau angoulvant, plateau postel 2001)
Bingerville 2 Foyer des jeunes de bingerville (box)
Agence laposte
Songon 1 Agence laposte
Anyama 2 Mairie (bureau)
Agence laposte
Yopougon 6 La mairie principale yopougon selmer
Mairie Annexe toit rouge non loin de la gendarmerie
Service technique de la mairie, Sideci
Agences laposte (Niangon sud, niangon nord, toit rouge)
Adjamé 3 Agence la poste (marché et 220lgts,)
Mairie (bureau)
Treichville 4 Mairie (bureau)
Agence laPoste (Solibra , Km4 et mosquée )
Koumassi 3 Agence laposte ( 61e arr)
Port Bouet 4  Agences laposte ( vridi cité, port bouet marché, vridi CNTP, Aéroport)
Abobo 3 Mairie (bureau)
Agences laposte (cité universitaire, marché)
Attécoubé 1 Agence Laposte (attécoubé marché)
Marcory 5 Agences laposte (Marcory mosquée, prima center,)
Playce Marcory (3)


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