Big E shares injury recovery update

Edwin  - CEO January 22, 2024
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Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

Update on WWE Superstar Big E’s Recovery



The former WWE Champion has shared an update on his recovery for the WWE fans anticipating Big E’s return. Big E, a member of the New Day, has been sidelined since March 2022 due to a severe neck injury, Ojas Kulkarni reports for Coming Soon.


In March 2022, during an episode of SmackDown, Big E faced Ridge Holland, which took a dangerous turn. While executing a belly-to-belly suplex, Holland unintentionally threw Big E, resulting in the former WWE champion landing on his head and suffering a broken neck.


Following this unfortunate incident, Big E underwent neck surgery and embarked on a challenging journey to recovery. As the WWE Royal Rumble approaches, the wrestling world eagerly awaits Big E’s potential return. Providing insight into his health before the event, the former WWE champion has shared an update on his condition.


In an interview with TMZ Sports, Big E shed light on the progress of his recovery ahead of the Royal Rumble, stating, “It’s all together. The bones connect to the other bones. I want to make a smart decision, you know. I didn’t start wrestling to end up in a wheelchair, so yeah, I want to make sure I’m making the best decision for myself.”



Unfortunately for fans, Big E didn’t provide a specific timeline for his return. The former WWE Champion stated, “I don’t have a timeline, unfortunately, but thank you for asking.” As anticipation builds for the Royal Rumble. The WWE Universe must be patient while Big E focuses on his recovery journey.


Big E is playing the role of a WWE fan during the hiatus.


Big E, sidelined for nearly two years, has opened up about his experiences. Recently, he disclosed his viewpoint on staying connected with the WWE product while navigating his road to recovery.


In November, during an interview with the Busted Open Radio podcast, Big E expressed that he had the opportunity to genuinely enjoy the show, free from the usual concerns about his position and the competitive ladder. He said, “Honestly, I’ve been able just to sit back and put on my fan hat. When you’re on this hamster wheel, it’s hard not to always think about your spot, how you fit in, and how to get to that next level and think about yourself. But being on the shelf a bit has allowed me to sit back and watch the product as a fan.”


Big E may have to wait longer to return to the WWE ring, as the superstar’s health should always be prioritized ahead of wrestling.


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