Enraged AJ Styles on the warpath

Edwin  - CEO December 17, 2023
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WWE SmackDown video highlights: AJ Styles returns, attacks L. A. Knight
WWE SmackDown video highlights: AJ Styles returns, attacks L. A. Knight

L. A. Knight gets a taste of The Phenomenal One’s legendry wrath



By Ed Emeanua


Months after Solo Sikoa took out the Phenomenal one, AJ Styles returned to the grappling squared circle and sent tongues wagging.


Friday Night SmackDown of December 15, was rolled on with The Bloodline on Center stage, but Randy Orton had something to say about that as he promptly interrupted The Tribal Chief and his Tribesmen came.


Randy’s mission was soon apparent-he wanted a match with The Bloodline’s Tribal Chief Roman Reigns for his Undisputed Universal Title at the Royal Rumble.


Exploring 3 reasons why AJ Styles attacked LA Knight on WWE ...


Roman brushed aside Randy’s challenge, telling The Legend Killer to go to the back of the line, adding that though Randy may have had him on his mind for the past 18 months, The Tribal Chief hasn’t bothered about the Apex Predator for even a minute during the period.


Moments later in the show segment, Roman and his Bloodline accosted Randy Orton in the ring again. Then came LA Knight to rescue Randy and a fight ensued with the bloodline. As the Bloodline was having the upper hand, AJ Styles’ music entrance engulfed the arena as The Phenomenal One made his return to the ring.


The segment closed out with AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and LA Knight in the ring as the Bloodline retreated. We will have to see what happens next, but we haven’t seen AJ Styles since Solo Sikoa took him out several months ago.


In yet another twist to the saga, AJ Styles whacked out LA Knight before exiting the ring. The audience protested AJ’s misplaced aggression with a profuse rendition of boos as AJ left, and walked past the Bloodline as if they were not even there.


Knowing the WWE, this tiff is a Russ for upheaval to come in showings ahead featuring AJ Styles and L.A. Knight, with Randy either aligning with one, all, or none of the gladiators.

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